About Us

What we do

PIZZA ATM, LLC is the exclusive distributor of fully automated pizza vending machines branded as Pizza ATM®. The company is located in Cincinnati, OH and is engaged in the sale, installation, training, and servicing of the Pizza ATM® machines in North America.

A Pizza ATM® vending machine is a game-changer that fits the 24/7 on-demand mindset of today — the "get it when you want it" attitude. It leverages modern pizza distribution, convenience, and quality. It is not a typical vending machine but rather an innovative prepared food delivery system that offers the convenience of a 24-hour hot-food option for the consumer.

The pizza vending machines have history. They have been successfully operating for more than 20 years and are providing long lasting reliability. They are the most dependable, profitable, and innovative machines of their kind. A Pizza ATM® vending machine can turn any existing pizza-making operation into a 24/7 operation, increasing sales territory and brand impact while generating actual profit.