Paline has partnered with TSS Technologies to be its primary Service provider for USA based pizza vending machines that includes project preparation, installation, machine service and maintenance. TSS will also be warehousing the Pizza ATM® machine and spare parts, through its operations in Cincinnati, Ohio



TSS can provide Project Review and Preparation Work Services for the pizza vending machine.
Project Review Services

Identify installation location, identify power requirements, prepare all install designs, obtain required permits (Local, State, Federal Laws, Health Department Regulations)

Preparation Work Services

Installation and preparation of space and opening for machine, level and prepare floor (Recommended: Concrete Slab), installation of utilities, installation of High Speed Internet Access (ADSL)

Customers who have purchased a Pizza ATM® vending machine may choose to perform the Project Preparations themselves prior to installing a machine.


Installation & Customer Operation Training

Included with each Pizza ATM® vending machine purchase is a 1-day machine Install and Machine Operation Training performed by a skilled TSS Technologies machine technician. It is requested that the customer provide (1) technician to assist in the installation that typically takes no longer than 4 hours. This training includes: General operation, user settings, oven settings, maintenance guidelines, and provide E-user manual.


For service or maintenance issues on the machine, please contact TSS Technologies directly for support. A majority of machine service and maintenance issues can be handled over the phone, in addition to utilizing webcam and machine data via the Internet connection.

Master Technician Training

TSS Technologies can provide Master Technician Training for operators who want to maintain and service the Pizza ATM® machine on their own.


Included with each Pizza ATM® vending machine purchase is a 1-year warranty. TSS Technologies will handle all Warranty services that includes:

1-Year Warranty on parts that caused a machine malfunction, failure or shutdown.

Phone Support

1-Year: Regular business hours phone support

Service Trips

Service trips are offered by TSS Technicians to install parts and/or service the machine at the customer's expense.

Extended Warranty Packages and Service Packages beyond the Warranty period can be purchased from TSS Technologies.
Please contact TSS Technologies for more information.

General Cleaning/Inspection

After training, it is expected that the Pizza ATM™ operator performs the following general machine servicing at a rate of 1-2 hours per month:

Clean the Oven
Clean the Cold Storage
Clean the Pizza Box transit areas
Remove dust from the fan, cooling unit, and computer
Make an overall visual check


For Pizza ATM® Vending Machine Service and Maintenance requests, please contact TSS Technologies Service Department