Want quality pizzas out of your pizza vending machine?

Sign up today with Xavier University, Pizza ATM®'s accredited
Pizza Chef School, located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Learn how to prepare pizzas and optimize production from buying ingredients, to stocking the machine.  
Achieve perfect cooking results not only in your establishment but also out of the Pizza ATM® vending machine.
This is the only school specialized in pizza vending machines and offers proper management and operation of the machine.
It is highly recommended to sign up for a tailored Pizza Chef School training.

Pizza ATM® training classes are specific for the Pizza ATM® pizza vending machine
and accredited by the “French Pizza Federation”



3-day training on the basics of pizza making and to discover the Pizza ATM® machine operation. its possibilities. This training is the best way to leverage and maximize the return of investment (ROI) whether you are a novice, kitchen professional, or pizza chef!


1-day training on managing pizza quality, costs, and profitability. Process optimization focuses on maximizing the Pizza ATM® vending machine’s potential.

Course C: EXPERT

1-day training to become a pizza and Pizza ATM® machine expert and to perfectly master production steps and all the processes. Research product quality, explore improvement opportunities, and have all demands met.

Training cost is $1,200/day per person, excluding travel expenses.
Group pricing available. Training will take place in Cincinnati, OH with our accredited instructor(s).




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